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Marastich Care Initiative  

The Marastich Care Initiative is a community-based organization of the Oloonkolin Mara Hospital. Our goal is to help the people of Trans Mara sub-counties and surrounding areas to improve their living circumstances and conditions. We do that by working with residents in setting up projects that provide access to education and information in the fields of hygiene, agriculture and trade.


Resultaten 2020

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1.  COVID-19
Due to last year's COVID pandemic, many schools have just started opening their doors, but still most children are unable to attend school. That is why we want to work on improving the conditions in schools, so that the school becomes accessible again for every child. We also want to tackle the drastically increased school absenteeism due to a lack of expensive face masks and sanitary pads for menstruating girls, teenage pregnancies and lack of potable water in schools.

2. The Right to Sight
Our vision for eye care is to provide quality eye care that is affordable to each and every one within the community. No one should suffer from blindness due to easily treatable and even preventable eye diseases. That is why we cooperate with the Minister of Health (MOH) to establish a sustainable self-sufficient eye care system in Trans Mara, Kenya. This will first of all drastically reduce the number of people who are suffering from an eye disease and it will also improve the socio-economic situation of the target group. An opportunity is also being created for eye care training that will not only provide employment for both men and women but also boost local hospitals and schools.

3.  Maternal Care Programme
Our goal is to strengthen the Antenatal National Care (ANC) strategies designed to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.

The objectives of focused antenatal care are:

  1. Early detection and treatment of problems
  2. Prevention of complications using safe, simple and cost-effective interventions
  3. Birth preparedness and complication readiness
  4. Health promotion using health messages and counseling
  5. Provision of care by a skilled attendant

Mara Hospital Oloonkolin offers the following services:
- Prenatal care
- Delivery
- Postnatal care and care for the newborn