Antenatal Care


The Maternity ward is one of the main departments in Mara Hospital Oloonkolin. It deals with care of mothers before, during and after delivery. This Includes, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological support. The Maternity has a 4 bed capacity, We perform a number of tests including blood pressure, abdominal examination, urine test, fetal heart rate along with dietary and lifestyle advice to make sure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Our goal is to strengthen the national antenatal care (ANC) strategies designed to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.

To achieve a good outcome for the mother and baby and prevent  complications that may occur in pregnancy, labour, delivery and the post partum period.

Definition of antenatal care
Antenatal care (ANC) is health care given to a pregnant woman from conception to the onset of labour.

The objectives of focused antenatal care are:
  1. Early detection and treatment of problems
  2. Prevention of complications using safe, simple and cost-effective interventions
  3. Birth preparedness and complication readiness
  4. Health promotion using health messages and counseling
  5. Provision of care by a skilled attendant
Schedule of Visits
Mara Hospital Oloonkolin recommended that the pregnant woman should attend a minimum of four comprehensive personalized antenatal visits spread out during the entire pregnancy during which specific focused activities are carried out to guide the woman along the path of survival, as follows:
  1. First visit less than 16 weeks
  2. Second visit 16 - 28 weeks
  3. Third visit 28-32 weeks
  4. Fourth visit 32 – 40 weeks

Depending on individual need, some women will require additional visits. 

You can download the protocol as a PDF here: Download