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oloonkolin Update about the Corona Virus October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic reached Kenya on March 15, 2020, when President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the lockdown measures. All medical activities, with the exception of emergencies, were immediately halted and the board of Mara Hospital Oloonkolin and Mara Water Supplies, supported by our local and Dutch medical experts, came together to formulate a COVID 19 policy that complies with the CDC guidelines and the measures taken by the Kenyan Minister of Health.
With our deep knowledge of health services, our close commitment to our community, Mara Hospital Oloonkolin has already:

  • support national governments and institutions in organizing preventive measures and setting up responses as needed;
  • providing training on infection, prevention and control measures to ¬†our health professionals;
  • disseminating educational materials to keep our communities informed;
  • regular updates for health professionals;
  • Adviced on workplace preparation;
  • Maintained overall good hygiene in households, health care facilities, schools and public locations;
  • Improved the quality of care in health centers;
  • Improved the general health of the community;
  • Reduce human-to-human transmission of COVID-19;
  • Provided jobs, income and practical training for health workers and unemployed youth;

Newsreport october 2020 about Covid_19.PDF


Aisha and Moses strong against Coronavirus

We also support the book Aisha and Moses strong against Coronavirus. It's produced by: NGO/stichting, de Dutch Tanzania Foundation, and foundation Aisha & Friends (their co-producent).It is in English and Swahili for reading and audio.

How do you educate young children about the corona-crisis? The virus has changed our lives in a drastic and radical way, additionally there is a lot of uncertainty. It is a very tensive and indistinct moment in our lives, especially for children.
The booklet informs children about what a virus is, what to do against it and it gives words to feelings of insecurity that children may have. It is exciting, sometimes a bit sad, but above all solution-oriented. The guidelines are discussed in an understandable way and offer a view of better times.




Preparing for the Corona Virus

Thanks to the support of the Oloonkolin Foundation, we have been able to take adequate measures to minimize the risk of corona virus infection for our patients and employees. The medical team has received active training from our clinical officer and the Public health officer visited our facility and was very satisfied with the measures taken.

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the Oloonkolin Foundation, the residents of Ooloongolin and the surrounding area have access to clean drinking water and knowledge about the importance of good hygiene. These are the primary means to help our community and the rest of the world overcome this dangerous corona virus.

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carona Corona Virus

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken a number of measures at Mara Hospital Oloonkolin to minimize the risk of infection for our patients and staff. and are following all governmental recommendations as well. If you have any questions about the updated policy, please contact our Patient Services Administration, tel: +254 704 143332. Thank you for your understanding and for adhering to these policies to help us keep our patients, families, and visitors protected and healthy during this time.

Download a PDF file with more info: here