Eye Care

Marastitch hospital

The Right to sight” (Eye Care)
Our vision for is to provide equitable and affordable eye care to the community. No one should suffer from blindness due to an easily treatable and even preventable eye diseases. It is a well-known fact that for every child whose blindness is prevented, the future social and economic benefits are huge and that adult blindness significantly reduces life expectancy.


The scedule for this you can find here PDF

Project report- Sustainable Eye Care Trans Mara - Kenya year 2020 PDF

Ophthalmic activities
Through our outreach campaigns and other programs, our medical team will, in addition to conducting eye examinations, providing eyeglasses and performing eye operations, focus primarily on education and awareness of the transmara community on hygiene and healthy nutrition, whereby many eye problems and blindness can be prevented.

The ophthalmic activities are divided into 3 services:
1. The Outreach Services
2. The Outpatient Services
3. . The Inpatient Services


Outreach services (Eye Camps).

The aim of Outreach services is to reach out to marginalized communities without access to professional Eye health care services. Our services include but are not limited to:
1. Screening
2. Dispensing reading glasses
3. Dispensing drugs

Outpatient services that we currently want to offer are:
1. Visual Acuity
2. Slit lamp examination
3. Fundoscopy examination
4. Refraction examination
5. Dispensing reading glasses
6. Dispensing drugs

We hope to be able to expand in the future of Outpatient services with:
Ultra Sound
Yag Lesser Treatment
Glazing machine

The Inpatient Services The Mara Hospital Oloonkolin has a trauma room where small local eye surgery can be performed. There is a recovery room for 4 patients. Our level 3 hospital has plans to expand the hospital to level 4, meaning that larger ophthalmic surgery with anesthesia monitoring can also be performed. As a result, more than 400,000 residents of TransMara, west and east, no longer have to travel long distances for operations and complex eye medical examinations and treatments.

Patients requiring further evaluation are transferd to Trans-Mara West Sub-County Refferal Hospital – in Kilgoris for further treatment or surgery,