mara Mara Hospital has partnered with the Community Health Worker (CHW)

Mara Hospital has partnered with the Community Health Worker (CHW) in Oloonkolin and surroundings. These are members of a community chosen and trained by the Minister of Health in Narok County to provide their community with basic health and medical care that can provide preventive, promotional, and rehabilitation care.
At Mara Hospital, health workers (CHWs) will play a crucial role in providing maternity care and newborn health care (MNH), providing health education to the community and mobilizing the community during our Outreach services.
Mara Hospitaal Vaccination and patient registration program in Oloonkolin

For the first time, a local medical team entered the village of Oloonkolin. The team will be involved in setting up and monitoring the vaccination program at schools. They also started with the registration and preparation of medical records for all inhabitants of Oloonkolin and surroundings. This will provide them with information about the medical problems in the village that need immediate attention once the health center is functioning. Meanwhile, there are 2164 patients registered in this village.