Community benefit programs

MaraStich Hospital is committed to providing programs and services that meet identified needs for the community of Oloonkolin and surrounding area. Our community benefit program is an example of our primary goal to improve the health of the communities we serve by measuring community health, creating programs that meet needs and by working with partners to improve health of the population.

Community benefit programs and activities offered by MaraStich Hospital are:

  1. Community Health Improvement Services: Activities that are designed to improve community health. They include community health education, outreach and prevention services.

  2. Health Professions Education: Educational programs provided by the Hospital that result in degrees or training necessary to practice as a health professional.

  3. Community Building Activities: Activities that seek to address the root causes of community health issues.

MaraHospital Eye Camps : MaraStich Hospital Eye

Eye Camps : MaraStich Hospital Eye unit works with donors (SLAH Foundation) and the Minister of Health Narok County to conduct outreach services (Eye Camps). The aim of Outreach services is to reach out to marginalized communities without access to professional Eye health care services.
Our services include but are not limited to
1. Screening
2. Refraction
3. Dispensing reading glasses
4. Dispensing drugs
The outreach services will take place in selected villages of Transmara east and west.
Patients requiring further evaluation are transported to the base hospital for further treatment.

WASH program:

water, sanitation, hygiene. Due to the high risk of cholera and acute aqueous diarrhea (AWD), the MaraStich Hospital in collaboration with The mara Water Supplies company facilitates access to clean water, hygiene awareness and sanitation for children and their families in the Transmara community, to prevent and manage this disease

Free Maternal Care Programme

With the support of the Olonkolin Foundation, Marastich Hospital is organizing a free maternal care programme.

Our goal is to strengthen the Antenatal National Care (ANC) strategies designed to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.

The objectives of focused antenatal care are:

Early detection and treatment of problems
Prevention of complications using safe, simple and cost-effective interventions
Birth preparedness and complication readiness
Health promotion using health messages and counseling
Provision of care by a skilled attendant

MaraStich Hospital offers the following services for free:
- Prenatal care
- Delivery
- Postnatal care and care for the newborn

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